Hey Artists - Are you looking for a place to sell your photography?

No cost for Signing up and having your art for sale on the East Coast Gift Art website. See  details here.

Gift Art

Original Photographic Art for Sale

East Coast Gift Art is a company located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was formed out of the desire and need to help promote talented artists living in Atlantic Canada. It contains original art for sale. While many artists have their own websites, few have the time to learn and do their own digital marketing. It’s a full time job! That’s where we come in. We plan to devote innumerable hours marketing this website online, employing the latest techniques and strategies of SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, PPC advertising and Email Marketing.

We use 128 bit encryption technology and secure socket layers, SSL, to protect your identity and ensure a secure shopping experience. 

We are only going to promote artists from this unique region. Many other websites that sell art, cover huge areas and have tens of thousands of individual pieces of art. With that type of quantity, it makes it very difficult for people to even find your art on their website.

With the proper digital marketing strategies in place, we will expose the art works of talented artists on the East Coast to art buying customers.

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